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We thought about how to simplify technology operations for major events. How set up faster. How scale up and down easily. How to integrate the tools seamlessly. And how to significantly lower costs.

Why IoT

Why IoT?

With a broad range of IoT use cases, it can be hard to define the benefits. This diagram may help.


Creating a Digital Master Plan

We live in an age where new technologies are disrupting the operating models of business, government, sport, education systems, and more.

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VIK – Value is King

In Major Events sponsorship, it is common for companies to make “payment” in the form of products and services in return for the use of event marketing rights and benefits.


Event Digital Impact

The benefits of measuring Event Digital Impact individually and against peers are not only relevant for big events.


Mapping Project Risk & Uncertainty

Creating a Project Risk and Uncertainty Map, to compliment the existing Risk Map will help to build a better project risk profile and help to prevent the black swans.


Delivering Value with Project Assurance

Improving project management via a comprehensive assurance approach provides a more effective way to proactively overcome the challenges that exist in all major technology projects & programs and deliver a successful outcome…

Alkira Consulting

Alkira was created to help organizations design and deliver critical technology projects. We provide design, project management & integration expertise for critical projects and programmes.

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