Simplifying Technology Operations


Alkira TechOps is a toolkit to simplify major events technology operations.

Spend less time setting up and more time operating at peak performance.

TechOps SLA Dashboard

TechOps Guide

The TechOps Guide distills the best practices of major events technology operations into a single, clear reference guide.

Avoid having to start from scratch by building on solid foundations.

TechOps Overview

What’s so special about major events technology operations?

Technology Services

What are the major events technlogy services?


Support Model

Who does what? 

Service Performance

Define and measure service levels.


What is the flow of service management activities? 

Operational Readiness

Train, upskill and ready the team for operations. 

TechOps Toolset

An integrated set of leading SaaS tools to automate operations. Fast setup. Scale up / down easily.

Integrate seamlessly. Pre-configured with major events in mind.

Technology Service Management

Automating ITSM processes and workflows

Service Monitoring

SLA and performance monitoring of applications, cloud, networks, and devices

Content Collaboration

Creating and sharing information and knowledge easily in a single place to enable team collaboration

Operational Readiness

Planning and execution of Technology Rehearsals, Disaster Recovery Testing and Training

Technology Service Management

Automating ITSM processes and workflows to enable support teams

Manage ITSM Processes

Support ITlL processes including Incidents, Requests, Problems, Changes, Assets, Knowledge, Configurations, and more. It is configured for major events needs such as incident severity levels, SLA targets, major incident management, support groups, venues, change workflow and SLA dashboards.

Automate Workflows

Pre-built accelerators for common workflows including employee onboarding and offboarding, standard IT requests, auto-assignment of tickets based on shift schedules, group similar monitoring alerts, push high severity incidents and changes to Microsoft Teams or Slack, triage email requests based on keywords, and more.

Enable Live Chat with the service desk team and automatically synchronise the Technology Service Catalogue with the  CMDB.

Measure Service Performance

Measure SLAs, SLOs, and SLIs in real-time and drill down into specific issues with powerful analytics. Measure customer satisfaction on every ticket.

Using Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management by Atlassian supports the full breadth of ITSM processes. It is flexible, integrates easily with other tools and supports powerful automations. Jira Service Management is great value for money and has a continually improving product roadmap. Alkira is an Atlassian Solution Partner.

TechOps - Incidents - mobile

Service Monitoring

Complete monitoring of service levels and performance for applications, cloud, networks and devices.

Application Monitoring

Measurement of application performance, business logic, end-user issues, and service levels.

Cloud Infrastructure

Monitoring services in the cloud or on-premise data centers including compute, storage, database, containers, security, and cloud networks.

Network Monitoring

Measuring traffic flow, availability and performance of network nodes and paths.

Device Monitoring

PC’s, laptops, IoT sensors monitored to support a rapid response to device outage or to track usage.

Using Datadog

Datadog is one of the most comprehensive monitoring tools on the market and contains out-of-the-box integrations with a wide range of public clouds, SaaS applications, and IoT devices.

TechOps - Monitoring

Content Collaboration

Create and share information and knowledge easily in a single place to enable team collaboration

Anyone can create, share and access

Content creation is simple, ensuring that everyone in the team can contribute to spaces and pages. Create and share procedures, team rosters, daily operations reports, team contact lists, lessons learned, guides, training material, role descriptions or whatever is important for the operations team.

Promote team collaboration

Team members can collaboratively edit pages and documents in real-time, give comments or @mention for peer review.

Powerful Content Management

Search, tagging & taxonomy, file versioning, ability to upload/download in multiple formats, Q&A communities, team calendar.

Using Confluence

Confluence by Atlassian allows teams to collaborate easily with a very quick learning curve. Anyone can create, publish, share and edit content with minimal training and support.

TechOps - Collaboration - mobile

Operational Readiness

Planning and execution of Technology Rehearsals, Disaster Recovery Testing, Training & Tabletops

Technology Rehearsals

Our configuration of Jira simplifies the end-to-end management of Technology Rehearsals including scenario creation or import, approval, and planning, scenario execution, recording observations, daily reporting, and lessons learned. It has a powerful dashboard to track the important KPIs across all venues and services throughout the rehearsal.

Disaster Recovery Testing

Disaster recovery run books and test cases are prepared and then executed with the results tracked.

Training & Tabletops

Prepare compelling training material, assign courses to the operations team and track successful completion with quizzes and exams. Run scenario-based tabletop sessions with the operations team to improve knowledge of processes and team communications.

Using Jira for Tech Rehearsals and Disaster Recovery Testing

Jira Software by Atlassian is a flexible tool that supports a wide range of capabilities including test management and issue management. We have configured workflows for Technology Rehearsals and Disaster Recovery Testing. It is tightly integrated with Confluence and Jira Service Management.

Using Smart Courses for Confluence - LMS for training

This is a powerful training solution built on top of Confluence which enables the creation of compelling training content with text, video, images, web links, pdf files, quizzes and more. A course catalogue can be tailored to groups or users and all training progress tracked with clear metrics.

Tools in detail

A deep dive into the tool capabilities and pre-built accelerators

  • Technology Service Management

jira service management-logo-gradient-blue@2x
  • Tools

    • Jira Service Management
    • Alkira service catalogue sync
    • Chat for JSM
    • Microsoft Teams for JSM - Smart Connect
  • Integrations

    • Datadog for Service Monitoring
    • MS Teams
    • Confluence for collaboration
    • Smartsheet for synchronising Service Catalogue or Asset List
    • Status Page
  • Service Monitoring

  • Tools

    • Datadog


  • Integrations

    • Jira Service Management for incident management






  • Content Collaboration

  • Basics

    • Creation of pages and spaces
    • Collaborative editing
    • Versioning of files
    • Upload / download documents in multiple formats
    • Search
    • Tagging and taxonomy
    • User directory
    • External collaboration
    • Q&A community
    • Team calendar
  • Tools

    • Confluence


  • Integrations

    • Jira Service Management
    • Jira






  • Operational Readiness

Jira Software@2x-blue
  • Tools

    • Jira
    • Smart Courses for Confluence - LMS
  • Integrations

    • Jira Service Management
    • Confluence






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